Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving...Turkey, Golden Girls and Naps

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yesterday I took the train down to Richmond, VA to spend the holiday with my brother, his wife Janet and my Grandmother (who flew up from Atlanta, GA).

It was a 6 hour trek down but very easy way to travel. I was a little disappointed not to hear someone yell, “All aboard!” but over all it was a good trip. It was my first time riding long distance on a train. There was a lot of room to spread out and settle in. I may not have heard someone say, “All aboard!” but I was able to keep my tray down the entire time.

On the ride down I worked on Christmas cards, watched DVDs, and read more of Wanda Sykes’ hilarious collection, Yeah, I Said It. Her book was just as funny as listening to her stand-up. I want to be her New Best Friend. She's so smart and funny. She lives in NYC, so maybe I'll run into her some time.

I also read the tender short story Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx. It was a beautiful. So delicate and honest. This touching story is the basis for the new film by Ang Lee. It only took 30 minutes to read the whole story but I was really taken in by the way the story was crafted. Within the first few pages I was drawn into the story. The balance of passion and responsibilities.

There has been a lot of buzz around the film. I was very proud of Heath Ledger, one of the actors in the film, who said he was attracted to the film because it was a story that hadn’t been told. So many magazines and newspapers tried, in the beginning, to trivialize the story by calling it a "gay cowboy story." Now that critics are seeing the finished film and the actors choose only to take the high road when discussing it, people are seeing it for what it is - the story of an endearing love and connection between two men. I can't wait to see the film for myself and experience it from page to screen.

Today we watched some of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. It was interesting watching the parade as a New Yorker. Maybe next year I can have Thanksgiving here and take in the parade in person.

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. Janet and Grandmother worked up quite a feast in the kitchen. Janet’s brother joined us and Tim & Janet’s dog, Reagan, was never too far away – hoping to join us. The meal was followed by episodes of The Golden Girls on DVD then naps all around.
Perfect Thanksgiving.

Wanda Sykes hilarious collection, Yeah, I Said It

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The movie poster from the upcoming love story, Brokeback Mountain. The poster's tag line reads: Love Is A Force Of Nature.

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That's my brother...I'm so...proud.

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Tim helps get the Thanksgiving turkey ready.

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Grandmother oversees the cooking of the Thanksgiving dinner - her macaroni just behind her.

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Janet lays presents the Thanksgiving turkey

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The Thanksgiving table in my brother's new home in Richmond, VA.

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Tim tries on my glasses...he's been blessed with 20/20 vision - but still wants glasses. Maybe for Christmas...

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Stopping By Bette Midler's...

It’s Friday! I have no big weekend plans…and that’s fine by me.
My workweek ended on an interesting note. I went to an electrical inspection with my boss and then, delivered a birthday gift to Bette Midler’s apartment.

Nope, didn’t get to see the Divine Miss M…but it was still fun. She turned 60 on Halloween.

I got home and Elizabeth wanted out of the apartment. So hopped on the train to Times Square and saw the new movie Prime with Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman. It was really good. I spent the last bit of the film with a lump in my throat.
I remain the eternal romantic

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Color Purple ARRIVES on Broadway

Well…I’ve waited a year for this…tonight The Color Purple began Previews on Broadway.

The show officially opens on December first (they have a month to works the kinks out in front of an audience), but the audience was still star-studded. I walked in just behind the show’s songwriters and producers as well as several Broadway show people, including Billy Porter.

The show was remarkable. It has been changed quite a bit since I saw it in Atlanta (5 times!) but the heart of the show remains strong. There were several things I really missed from the Atlanta production, but I could see why they’d been cut to make the show more concise. There were several new moments in the show that I was glad to see added.

The show is really powerful and it got a strong, positive reaction from the audience. I caught myself studying the show several times…instead of just enjoying it. I feel very close to the novel and film…so it’s hard for me to always embrace the story in another form. This show is really wonderful and I think it has a great chance of being embraced by New York audiences. By the end of the show the audience was on its feet. They were clapping, singing, jumping up and town, crying…the whole building was moved by being witness to the show. There’s nothing else like it on Broadway.

I desperately want to go to the Opening Night performance but tickets are impossible to get. Every seat is by invitation only…that didn’t stop me from writing Oprah herself. I haven’t heard back, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. I don’t mind paying for one…I just got to find one.

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