Friday, July 31, 2009

Never Find the Words/Return to the BLOG

Every so often...I get back to my on-line journal...and I vow to do better. To update more often. To stay more current.

These days it seems to be more like..."I'll give it a shot."

To celebrate my return to the BLOG...I'm posting a new tune I wrote a week ago...It may be revisited in the future (it could use a 2nd verse) but for right now, this is what I'm going with...

I spent some time with a couple of friends recently and one mentioned that when leaving for a trip, he struggled to finding the right words to write in a note he was leaving for his wife. It wasn't that he was at a loss for words. He knew exactly how he felt about her...he just felt like words were inadequate. He said the moment he had that thought he then thought of me and said, "Jason would turn that into a song."

So I did.

Never Find the Words

I lose my words
To say I love you
I lose my words
To say I’ll miss you
I lose all the ways
I try to say
You fit into every corner of my day

They're only words
To say I love you
Well-placed words
To say I’ll miss you
Spilled on paper
To try to say
All the things that just get in my way

I’ll never find the words
I’ll never find the words
To say what I know you already know
I’ll never find the words
But that doesn’t mean I can’t try
Hear it from me
See what I see
You’re the deepest joy my heart ever heard
That’s the truest way to tell you
Even if, I never find the words.

You, you fit into my life
You’re my best friend, my wife
The mother of my children
The holder of my dreams
You’re the one in the end
Who justifies my means
Everything I’d fight for
Everything I’d die for
You’re everything to me