Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lady Liberty & Ground Zero

All of us were up and out early this morning. We got on the train and rode down to the end of the island. We took the ferry across to Liberty Island. Seeing the Statue of Liberty conjures a lot of emotions. There is a special reverence for the lives that passed by her and onto Ellis Island to work and make this country better.

We walked Liberty Island (the number of limited visitors allowed inside the statue had been reached for the day. You have to be there early) and then got back on the ferry and went over to Ellis Island, where we spent quite a while.

We watched a documentary on the island and the passage of thousands of immigrants to the New World. We also explored each level and exposition. There are original artifacts and photographs that pay a wonderful testament to the lives of people who made a new home here in the States.

Afterwards we walked to Ground Zero. It is still a solemn place. I’ve been there once before, a couple of years ago, but I haven’t been back since I moved here.

We grabbed a bite to eat and made our way back to the apartment. The boys gathered their stuff and headed out. I got them to the subway and we said our goodbyes.

Elizabeth got home from work and we both relaxed a bit. She had called while we were at Ellis Island and had asked if we could do something tonight. We haven’t really seen much of each other since she got back from Atlanta. We saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith and then made our way back home. The movie was really good and it was great catching up with Elizabeth on the subway ride and over a quick dinner.

Lady Liberty in the distance (as taken from Manhattan). Posted by Picasa

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Approaching Liberty Island on the Ferry. Posted by Picasa

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Ellis Island Now Posted by Picasa

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Ground Zero Posted by Picasa

Wreckage from the 9/11 tragedy. Posted by Picasa

The make-shift Cross that was became a symbol of hope during the rescue efforts following the attacks of 9/11. Posted by Picasa

A patriotic sign hanging just inside the fences surrounding Ground Zero. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005

On the Town with the Boys...and Delta Burke & I

I was up and out the door early this morning and heading to the GAP. Good times.

I worked a short shift and Kevin & Brian met up with me when I got off at 2pm. They’d purchased tickets to the Empire State Building for all of us and we walked in that direction. The lines (and there were several) were very lengthy, but we used the time to catch up. It also rained while we were in line and people left because the observatory had to be closed and visibility was limited. Brian suggested that we stay inside, in the line and see if the rain cleared.

It did.

Smart move.

We finally got to the top and there, laid out before us, was all of Manhattan. It was so cool. I haven’t been to the Empire State Building since I visited NYC with my whole family and I think I was 13. I recently found a picture from that visit. I have a full head of dirty blond hair and I’m wearing a Save The Earth t-shirt and a Hard Rock CafĂ© pin. I need to find it again and see if I can get it scanned and posted.

After we left the world famous Empire State Building, Kevin suggested drinks – as Kevin is known to do. We walked in the direction of one of my favorite bars tucked away on 19th near 8th Avenue. There’s no name out front but inside it is sleek and stylish and the perfect place for a martini.

Tonight the three of us saw the Broadway show, Steel Magnolias (which the movie is based on). The show was good and afterwards we enjoyed meeting the cast – including the divine Delta Burke, who plays Truvy (the role Dolly Parton played in the movie). Delta was late leaving the theater but was so gracious and pleasant.

I spoke with her for a few minutes. We have a couple common bonds…my childhood church, North Park Baptist (in Orlando) where she attended briefly and the play, Sordid Lives. I mentioned North Park and she smiled. She said, “I was baptized in that church.” We talked briefly about Sordid Lives and then we headed home. It was a really long day and we were all beat and ready for bed.
It has been a full day and a LOT of fun.

The tip top of the Empire State Building Posted by Picasa

The Empire's shadow stretching across the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Posted by Picasa

Central Park in the distance and my neighborhood way, way, way up in the righ hand corner. Posted by Picasa

From the top of the Empire State Building looking across to the famous Chrysler Building. Posted by Picasa

A new view of one of my favorite spots to visit and write about - Bryant Park. Posted by Picasa

How over buildings around the U.S. and worl stack up. From left to Right...the Washington Monument, the Eifel Tower, the Empire State Building, The World Trade Center towers, and then two other buildings that I'm drawing blanks on. Sorry. Posted by Picasa

A friend I made on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building. Standing on one leg, he was more than happy to pose for a picture. Posted by Picasa

Delta Burke walks out the stage door and is greeted by well wishers. Posted by Picasa

One of the most gracious actresses I've ever met. She took her time signing autographs and posing for pictures with every person there. Posted by Picasa

All smiles with friends and fans alike. Posted by Picasa

Delta Burke and Me all smiles after a performance of Steel Magnolias on Broadway. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 08, 2005

Brian & Kevin's NYC Visit

Had my first audition lined up today but wasn’t able to make it because I woke up sick as a dog. Don’t know if it was something I ate or didn’t eat.

I cleaned up a bit and got ready for the boys arrival. We had several people stay with us and it is always excited to me to play Host – no matter how limited our space is.

They arrived late this afternoon and we quickly got them settled before hitting the town. We had celebrating to do. I was delighted by their last minute visited but altogether thrilled to discover that today is their 3rd Anniversary. I’m SO happy for them.

We grabbed umbrellas and took the train down to Chelsea and had dinner at FOOD BAR. I discovered FOOD BAR back in December when I was visiting the city, but I hadn’t had a chance to get back there.
We had a great meal and then headed to Times Square to pay Elizabeth a visit. She was working at BROADWAY, NY. We spent some time at the store, it was just before the post-show rush, so Elizabeth had time to chat.

Damon was heading home from work and stopped by the store. His timing was great and I was glad that I could introduce him to Brian & Kevin. Damon headed home and the Boys and I headed into the heart of Times Square, which was a first for Kevin. He had never been to NYC before and his eyes were wide as he took in the brightness and energy of the heart of the city.

We walked along the sidewalk and took in the huge Toys-R-Us (with it’s indoor 4 story Ferris wheel) and the neon NYPD station – along with everything else. It is more than a tad overwhelming. We headed home the long way. We walked down to 42nd and turned passing my GAP and Bryant Park on our way to Grand Central.

We walked into Grand Central and Kevin and Brian took in the massive grandeur of the place. Its structure and design are beautiful and the building is a classic New York landmark.

We got on the train and headed home. The air mattress was inflated Hotel Hood was in business. The boys are making themselves at home and planning the weekend.. I’m heading to bed so I can be up early.

Monday, July 04, 2005

4th of July & First "Real" Shift at the GAP

Happy 4th of July!

The day was low-key for me. I slept in and when I did get up it was all about washing dishes. Don’t know why but had a domestic vibe running through me this morning.

I worked my first shift – post training – at the GAP today. I was on the cash register most of the shift and it was fairly easy. The shift was really about putting into action chunks of what I’d heard during training. I retain things pretty well but for 3 days we had a lot of stuff thrown at us…things were (and did) fall through the cracks.

I can’t remember if I’ve written about the store and how huge it is. It is GAP’s flagship store and it sits on Broadway within the glow of millions of neon lights. It is four stories and around 4,000 people pass through the doors every day. I’m enjoying it because there is always something going on. It is always busy and people are always coming and going. I’ll put some pictures with this entry…
I came home and did laundry across the street (setting my third consecutive HIGH SCORE on Miss Pac-Man. I kick ass when it comes to some Miss Pac-Man). Then hung out on my roof a bit watching the fireworks. I could hear them more than see them, but it was cool to see blasts of color around the sky.

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GAP's Flagship store on Times Square Posted by Picasa