Saturday, July 08, 2006

Greg & Tom in NYC...Eric McCormick from WILL & GRACE

Tom and Greg flew in early this morning. They took the M60 bus from the airport over to E. Harlem and I met them at the corner of 2nd Avenue and 125th Street.

It was so good to see them! Greg hadn’t been back to the apartment since he helped me move in over a year ago. Walking up the four flights to my apartment brought back a lot of fond (and leg-aching memories).

I gave them the dime tour of the apartment, introduced them to Elizabeth, and then we decided to start in our day together in NYC.

I took them up on the roof and showed them Manhattan laid out all around them. When they walked out of the roof door, Greg had a little gasp as he saw the city. Carolyn & Jimmy had that same reaction when I took them up on the roof the first night they were in town.

We spent some time on the roof and I pointed out different bridges and landmarks. Then we headed downtown to their hotel, which was on 8th Avenue just off Times Square. They checked in and we hit the streets.

We ate at Rocket Wraps (a block down from Say Cheese!) and headed toward Chelsea. As we were walking I mentioned wanting to show they a building that was used on the Show Will & Grace. I stumbled across it when I picked up Tim a couple months ago. I recognized the building and then the next time I caught a re-run of Will & Grace, I realized the front of the building is used to represent Grace’s office.

We nixed the idea of going down to Chelsea and instead got on the train and headed to SoHo.

We walked up a couple of blocks to the building and then headed down to Little Italy and Chinatown. We had a great time just walking around the streets of New York, talking and catching up on one another’s lives.

We got on the train and made a stop in Union Square to walked through the Farmer’s Market and then went out separate ways for a bit.

They had to be up at 3am to fly in this morning, so they needed a nap. The idea sounded good to me too, so I headed back to my apartment to take a nap as well.

We regrouped at 7:00 and headed down to the W. Village. We walked down Christopher Street to the Pier and then back to Cowgirl Hall of Fame for dinner.

After dinner we walked around the block the Lucille Lortel Theater. Greg and Tom had planned their trip around an opportunity to see Eric McCormick (Will from the TV show Will & Grace) in the Off-Broadway play, Some Girl(s). Greg had purchased tickets for all of us and we were dead center on the second row.

The play, though it opened to mixed reviews, was really great. I thought Eric McCormick was great, as was Fran Drescher (from the TV show, The Nanny) was really wonderful. She played a character unlike any role I’ve ever seen her in.

After the show, I took a picture of Greg and Tom with leading man, Eric McCormick. He was incredibly gracious to everyone. He signed numerous autographs and posed for countless pictures with theater-goers and also will people just walking down the sidewalked who happened upon the mob around him and whipped out their cell phones with built-in cameras.

Back on the subway, heading uptown...Greg and Tom couldn't stop looking at the pictures. Everyone's night was made.

Greg and Tom on the roof overlooking Spanish Harlem.
The PUCK BUILDING, which is used on the show WILL & GRACE to represents the office of Grace Adler Designs.

Grand Central Station...newly refurbished and looking GREAT. One of my stops with Greg & Tom.

The fruit stands of Chinatown and the Union Square Farmer's Market where you can get fresh produce and choose from a variety of plants.

Greg and Tom soaking up the setting sun on the pier at the end of Christopher Street.

Outside the Lucille Lortel Theatre...Tom and Greg with the incredibly gracious, Eric McCormick.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July!

Happy 4th!

I celebrated on my roof.

I swung by Patsy’s and got some calamari and lasagna to go. I stopped by my apartment, grabbed some bottled water, a bottle of wine and my cell phone.

I went up on my roof and laid out my little dinner. I talked to friends as the sun was setting and the watched as the fireworks exploded around the isle of Manhattan.

It was a wonderful evening…

My Italian rooftop dinner...YUM.
The 4th of July sunset from my roof.