Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day - LET ME WALK BESIDE YOU - Lyrics

Since my brother’s wedding over a year ago, a lot of people who were at the wedding and many who weren’t, have asked me about the song I wrote as a gift to him and his wife, Janet.

Today is Valentine’s Day, so I thought today would be a great day to share the lyrics.

I was so happy and honored that my dear friend, Dennis Lewallen, was able to take the lyrics and the spirit of the event and write the most beautiful, enchanting melody.

Let Me Walk Beside You
Lyrics: Jason Daniel Hood
Music: Dennis Lewallen

Verse 1
Let me walk beside you
In days
In nights
In moments
In hours we pass through

Let me walk beside you
In joy
In pain
In the day to day
We carry or struggle through

Let me walk beside you, not in front or behind you
Knowing always I am yours, you are mine
I won’t let tomorrow stumble on today
Borrowing trouble, inviting it in to stay

Verse 2
Let me walk beside you
Though gently laughing years
Our hopes
In perfect balance
With our fears

Let me walk beside you
And see in your eyes
What is true
Held in your heart

In all we carry
In all we struggle through

I know this is Holy
The best of all things
All things in you
All things in me
The best yet to be

Let me walk beside you, not in front or behind you
Knowing always I am yours, you are mine
Always knowing I am yoursYou are mine

Monday, February 13, 2006

Lunch...in NYC

It's all in a day...today I was eating lunch at my favorite little pizza place off Broadway (at 78th Street), and sitting across from me: Alec Baldwin. I'm constantly seeing people from the world of film, theater and television. I've walked on the side walk with Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under), I've crossed at the light with Barbara Walters (20/20), and passed Kevin Bacon leaving Central Park. Yep, it's all in a day. A day in New York City.