Saturday, April 24, 2010

He Goes

Between Facebook and BLOG becomes neglected. I always mean to do better...but do I? Rarely.

Yesterday I got home from a brief vacation in Richmond, VA - visiting family. I really should write about that...and I will.

For now...I'll share my latest song. He Goes. This is a song I started a couple months ago. When I first started writing it...the words poured out of me. Then, as quickly as it flowed, it ebbed. While I was flying to Richmond earlier in the week, I revisited the song. I hadn't even looked at it in months. As I flew, I reconnected with what I was going through when I first started writing. I stepped back into all the mixed emotions and re-directions. With that step, the flow returned.

He Goes is a simple wrong time, wrong place love song. It's about falling for someone who isn't available. It intrigues me what we sometimes put our hearts we fool ourselves. The song's Bridge enfolds my favorite lines of the song.

He Goes
1/9/10, 4/23/10

And he goes
He goes
Contrary to
What I feel
My heart
Already knows
These are borrowed hours
Stolen minutes
‘Til he goes

Middle of the day
Hidden away
From the world outside
I let go and let it ride
Making me laugh
Making me smile
Making love to me
Making me believe
In you

A tattoo sleeve
On arms so strong
I think you’ll never leave
I’m playing tricks on my own heart
It’s myself I deceive



When you stay
Stolen away
From the world we know
We can escape and go
Making me dream
Making me release
Making me explore
Making me believe
In you

Carmel colored lips
Kidnap me and
I forget everything I’ll miss
I’m lost in the game before we start
It’s myself I punish



You ask me to understand
Trade time for being stronger
It isn’t that you love him more
Just loved him longer