Thursday, December 01, 2011

American Songwriter Lyric Contest




Fingers crossed.

The 5 Songs:

To See You Happy, Into You, Something More, Name the Fear and Find Me.

I'm going to share all 5 with you here...together, in one spot. I'll throw in some context of when and why each was written...I'd love to know what you, be in touch.

In researching what songs I wanted to submit, I went back...way back...through years and years of songs. Ultimately, I went with songs that were written in the last couple of years. I felt closer to them and they still resonate inside me.


To See You Happy I wrote in about 10minutes - and I love when that happens. When a song comes together like that, so quickly, it is almost always an indication that I didn't censor myself. I wrote this song after the end of a relationship and seeing my Ex moving on. At first I didn't know how to feel...then I realized I was happy just to see them happy.

To See You Happy
So this is how it feels
When enough time has passed
Making things real
Get a little distance
Allow the hurts to heal
From here
I can look at you and finally understand
I was many things
Just not enough to be your man

It’s good
To see you happy
And now
To see you happy
Means so much to me
It’s right
To see you happy
So good
To see you happy
As you deserve to be

I will let the future thaw
And just rest outside the past
Though it still feels raw
Trips my tongue
And sticks to my jaw
It isn't easy to call you a friend
Given our history
But our lives will let us write the end

I can hold the memory
It will be him holding you, instead of me
It’s gentle ache
To acclimate
Myself to
A quiet break
I appreciate
When I see you

Into You is a song about just letting go and falling in love. I write lyrics, so I have to say that in my mind I hear this as a fun...upbeat song...a song that's got a free-spirit, driving down Hwy 1 in California vibe to it.

Into You


Seems like

I’m stepping outside

Stepping away from everything I know

So bare with me

While I let go

Seems a little

A little unlike me

But when you know, you know

So here I am

And I know

Do us both a favor

Don’t wait for an engraved invitation

Baby, this is your permission


Tie me up

Tie me down

Bind me, graft me into you

Into you

Let me in

Shut me out

Hold me, keep me with you

Into you

A four-leaf clover, Hailey’s comet, solar eclipse

It’s that rare for me to fall like this

But here I am

Falling, falling

Into you


Seems like

This is just meant to be

Just this way, uncomplicated

Like my favorite jeans

Fit right and faded

Seems a little

This side of perfect

How our hearts easily navigate

So I follow

Take the bait

Do us both a favor

Let my touch be my indication

Baby, this is your permission



I’m not saying

Clip my wings

I’m just saying


I’ll always fly right back to you

I’m not saying

Brand my skin

I’m just saying


You’ve already left your mark

Something More is another fun, love song...or, at least, that's what I hear in my head. When I was reading and re-reading songs that I've written over the last few years - I could always find songs about heartache and heartbreak. So, I made conscious effort to find some songs that focused on being in love. I wanted to put that energy out there...and see what comes back.

Something More


I like your toothbrush in my bathroom

Your clothes left on my floor

These everyday

Throw away’s

Make me think there’s something more

Yep, I'm pretty sure, there’s something more


I like how you just go to things in my kitchen

When you slip and say “our” bed

The little things

You just bring

Make me thing there’s something more

Yep, I'm pretty sure, there’s something more


Something more

About you

Something more

About me

Something more

You feel

Something more

You see

I've got no clue what will follow today

But that something more makes the unknown feel ok

I'll gladly settle for

Something more


I like how your head always finds my pillow

Your shoes kicked by my door

You're in the way

Most everyday

Makes me think there’s something more

Yep, I'm kinda sure there’s something more




And let’s drive each other crazy


And let’s make each other sane

I'll make room in my closet

I’ll make room in my bed

Why go back to your place


Right here, let's make this Our place instead


Name the Fear I wrote as support to my friends...friends of survival. I have many friends who are survivors...of abuse - in various forms - physical, spiritual, emotional, sexual and psychological. This song I wrote as I moved through therapy and addressed abuse I had sustained. Abuse that left me in need of discovering new ways to cope and process.

The previous songs I felt confident submitting in the lyric competition...they seem radio-ready with the right tune and beat. Name the Fear and Find Me are the two I was the most unsure of. They're both personal and they aren't really love songs. But they're real singer/songwriter songs and, at the core, that's who I am.

I'm partial to the lyrics of the second verse especially the line about being "cornered in a round room." In therapy that was how I felt, at times. When I was writing this song and I wrote that line, I remember exhaling. It was exactly what I needed it to be.

I wanted to include these songs in the competition because they hold more truth, at this time in my life, than the love songs. Understanding the truth and weight of these last 2 songs meant I had no choice but to include them.

Name the Fear
Look me in the eyes
Sit your soul down
Inside my voice
Nothing you say can surprise
Things will shine through
It’ll be clear
When you find the words
To name the fear

Baby, name the fear
Nothing can reach you here
What you’re facing
Has to get by me
To get to you
And I’m not letting anything through
I swear
All you need to do, is name the fear

That vow of silence, bend
I’m not that far ahead
Of where you are
How it starts, how it ends
When what was far
Comes dangerously near
Cornered in a round room
Forced to name the fear

I am always amazed at how well we know each other...really know each other.

I remember a friend saying they thought I had it all together. I laughed. I said, I don't even know what that means. I don't want to have it all together. I like the questions of life and faith.

We all have insecurities. Hurts. Scars. Some of us are better at hiding them than others. I write Find Me because the more I talked to my friend, the more convinced they seemed to be that they had me all figured out.

They couldn't have been more wrong.

Find Me

I’ve been right
I’ve been wrong
Come up short
And it’s taken long
To find me

I’ve been a saint
I’ve been a sinner
Lost everything
To feel like a winner
Still I find me

I’ve been there
I’ve been back
Only to attack
So I find me


You say
Time always tells
You say
You know me well
Truth is
You know only
What I let you see
Truth is
I’m still my own discovery

And I
I don’t even know all of me
So you
You only get to know
What I let you see

You’re so far ahead, you’re behind
You’re the first person, standing in the wrong line
Only to start again
So count back from ten
Close your eyes, then you'll see
Look the other way and then
You'll find me