Friday, January 08, 2010

Gone (Days Like These)

I started this song in August...but really only had a line or two. I set the song aside and knew when the time was right, it would come back around.

This morning...around came back around.

My Dad's brother, my Uncle Charles, passed away almost a year ago...April of 2009. Thinking back to his funeral...and how my Grandmother, Aunt and Cousins are now responsible for the task of "moving on"...this song came to me.

With the passing of a loved one...with the loss of a job...or, really, the end of any chapter of something important in your life - there are always people who tell you, on the hardest of days, that there are always "days like these." No one tells you...and, in truth no one long those days will last.

So this song is for my family...but also for all who've experienced loss...

Gone (Days Like These)

8/23/09, 1/7/10, 1/8/10

For those who grieve...


Whispered voices

In mid embraces


There will be days like these

There will be days like these

Misplaced voices

In quiet places


Just get through, days like these

You’ll get through, days like these

But no one said anything

About it lasting this long

I guess it is just the balance of life

Now that he’s gone


Now that he’s gone

In these halls

In these rooms

An ache builds

A make-shift residence

Now that he’s gone

In these hours

In these days

A hurt buries deep,

Spares no expense

Now that he’s gone


Trusted voices

In family faces


Get beyond, the days like these

Leave behind, days like these

Loosened voices

In good graces


You’ll forget, days like these

Once familiar, days like these

And no one will measure

When the healing finally comes along

And Time finds time to stitches up your heart

Now that he’s gone



Some days

You let go

Some days

You just don’t know

You find

You can’t measure a life by a life

As a son,

Daughter, husband, wife

With lost goodbyes

And no reprieves

You find you can stay

Though in your heart

Each day he leaves