Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Song: Bye

It started with Gone (Days Like These) and has continued...

I thought I would revisit some songs that were waiting in the wings to be finished...when inspiration found its way back to me. I've looked over some of the songs and some of them did, indeed, find their endings.

I've been pleasantly surprised by the new songs...songs that have been shaped differently and filled out in new ways.

Some of have been fun and (what I hear in my head as) "upbeat" feels like a country song to me. Other songs have been darker, for me. I've done some digging...Virginia is one of those. I'm not ready to put it up yet, so for now, here's Bye...


4/7/08, 8/17/09, 8/23/09, 1/9/10


Here I am

And here you go

We both saw this coming

Had seats on the front row

Something had to give

And baby, I gave

Something has to end

When there’s nothing left to save

How you get from Point A to B

Doesn’t really matter to me

A garage sale or eBay

Craigslist, give it away

Some good things come to an end

It was never that good, a no win


This is: bye

Just that, just bye

No more excuses

I’m out of uses

For the stories and lies

This is: bye


Here it is

Just so you know

There was no making it right

To work you’d have to show

Look over your shoulder

Turn back time

But still in the end

It has to be worth the climb

How you get from here to there

Can’t really say I care

Take the lesson and learn

Or just crash and burn

What’s meant to be will find away

Not this time, not here and not today


Fool me once

Shame on you

Fool me twice

That’ll do

We all know how the saying goes

So get your shit, pack your clothes

We could do the dance

Hand out one more second chance

But I’ve learned this lesson

All dogs don’t go to Heaven